Unifi now bundling TVs, laptops into home broadband plans


Unifi is bundling devices into its home broadband plans so customers can better utilise their Internet for work and entertainment.

The Device Add-On bundle is part of the Unifi Your World packages, which offer unlimited Internet over fibre and come with a mobile plan and video streaming.

Both existing and new customers can pay an extra RM69 per month to add on either a 55in TV or a 14in laptop when signing on for a 300Mbps, 500Mbps or 800Mbps package.

These three packages are respectively priced at RM228 per month, RM278 per month and RM378 monthly for a two-year contract.

Customers can also get the Device Add-On bundle for the 100Mbps package (RM208 per month), though at a higher price of RM89 monthly for the same TV or laptop option.

Separately, Unifi is offering its Unifi Mobile 99 postpaid package at a discounted rate of RM59, down from RM99, to new mobile subscribers.

The package offers unlimited LTE data, unlimited calls and text and comes with a 12-month contract. However, users get only 10GB of tethered Internet.

During a press briefing, Telekom Malaysia chief commercial officer Anand Vijayan said the pandemic had made home broadband connectivity and entertainment of paramount importance to their customers, thus the new bundle offers.

He also revealed that this year up to April, its National Network Operations Centre recorded 6.32 terabytes of traffic usage, with the three heaviest usage categories being video streaming, social media and gaming.

He added that customers used data most on their phones, with 53% accessing it through their mobile devices, followed by 30% on laptops and desktops.

During the briefing, Anand also said that TM had surpassed its infrastructure targets as per the National Digital Network (Jendela).

He said the company has delivered a pass through to 298,000 premises, or 141% above the target set by Jendela.

Asked if urban or rural areas were being prioritised for the fibre rollout, he replied that it was being done all over the country, with the focus mainly being on upgrading TM’s customers still on copper cable, like its Streamyx customers.

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