Vaccination no-shows: Govt urged to relook at notification system


PETALING JAYA: With a large number of people not showing up for their vaccination appointments in Kedah, the government has been urged to relook at the way it notifies people of their vaccination appointment dates.

On Facebook, Adam Yeoh called on the government to look into the notifications especially for the elderly.

“It’s the second state already (this has happened). These incidents will just slow things down, ” he said.

Lee Chu Ng said the MySejahtera app does not send notifications even though people are asked to turn it on.

“Everyone has to check the app every day and now they are only giving five days’ notice before the vaccination date, ” he said.

Jill Morrison believed many failed to turn up not because they did not want to but because there was no notification given to them.

“In the app, it says it will give advanced notice of 14 days but actually it is less. My aunt was only given five days.

“My other aunt who registered through a representative in the market as she does not have a MySejahtera app was told that the authorities will call her to schedule an appointment.

“However, this was not the case. Luckily, my niece managed to check in the Special Committee on Covid-19 Vaccine Supply Access Guarantee (JKJAV) website and found out that her scheduled date is actually two days from today. No calls as promised.

“This resulted in many people missing their appointment dates. The arrangements are very messy, ” he said.

There were others too that urged the government to send the unused vaccines to the other states that need them.

“First it was Kelantan, now Kedah. Please divert those vaccines to other states where there are people who are practically fighting for it, ” said Jeremy Tankh.

A total of 10,827 individuals who registered as Covid-19 vaccine recipients in Kedah failed to turn up for their vaccination appointment between April 19 and May 22.

Among the reasons cited for their failure to turn up were that they were not being prepared to receive the vaccine jab, being unwell, undergoing quarantine, being out of the area, not having transport to go to the vaccination centre, and also those who wanted to make a last-minute change of the appointment date.

Around 10,000 residents in Kelantan, mostly aged 60 and above, also failed to show up for their vaccination appointments.

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