Why Matter matters: The future universal connectivity standard for IoT devices


The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) has presented Matter, a new connectivity standard offering for the first time compatibility across all the sector’s major players. In other words, Internet of Things (IoT) devices with Matter support will be able to function in any connected environment and no matter what smartphone you have.

Connected devices are now everywhere. In our homes, of course, but also in the street, in businesses, schools, hospitals and more. The problem is that they often function on their own protocols, making interoperability difficult.

It’s precisely in the aim of making all these IoT devices compatible with one another that this new standard, named Matter, was created, providing a reliable and secure connectivity protocol.

This new standard is supported by all the market’s major players, from Apple to Amazon and from Google to Ikea, Schneider and Infineon. Matter will allow manufacturers to build devices and ensure they are compatible with smart home and voice services such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s HomeKit with Siri, Google’s Assistant, Samsung’s SmartThings, and others. The first version of the Matter protocol will work over Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy.

Interoperability and flexibility will be the two key benefits of Matter. The first products, across all domains, integrating this new standard are expected by the end of 2021. – AFP Relaxnews

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